Tuesday, November 11, 2008


On November 24th, 2003, Laurie and I went to a live-cast reading of THE WALDORF CONFERENCE, a play about the men behind the Hollywood Blacklist. The play was presented at the WGA Theatre in Beverly Hills as a benefit for the Hollywood ACLU and the Writers Guild Foundation. Nat Segaloff produced and John de Lancie directed with the following cast:

Edward Asner as Louis B. Mayer
James Cromwell as James F. Byrnes
John de Lancie as Eric Johnston
Harlan Ellison as Barney Balaban
Michael Laskin as Mendel Silberberg
Paul Mazursky as Samuel Goldwyn
Kenny Morse as Spyros Skouras
Ethan Phillips as Harry Cohn
Robert Picardo as Dore Schary
Lawrence Pressman as Albert Warner
Jacob Snyder as William Goetz
Alan Toy as Nicholas Schenck

After the play we were handing out with Harlan and Susan Ellison, when I worked up the nerve to ask Harlan to introduce us to Ed Asner. "Hey, Eddie! Come're, I want you to meet some people." Thanks to Harlan, we met a true gentleman.

On June 28th, 2008 I participated in Patrick Farley's "Mix Down/Melt Down" event, held in Chandler, Arizona. I had been listening to Pat's free lessons and felt I could learn a great deal from such a generous teacher. I was right. I spent some time with Pat at VOICE 2008 and I felt even more inspired by his teaching style and demeanor.

I recently participated in Pat's "Billion $ Read" which was another mind-expanding event.

I do regret my inability to attend Pat's "Play Among The Stars" event. One of the directors was Ed Asner.

Ed Asner stars in Disney Pixar's "Up"